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About Us

Saxon has been in the Security Business for over a decade

Saxon Armor was established by a group of Entrepreneurs to provide Security for national and government agencies around the globe. Saxon has been a trusted partner of the USG and ISAF for over a decade. Currently Saxon proudly supports armored vehicles, armored glass, and other parts required for the US, NATO, UAE Military, UN, ISAF forces, and individual customers around the Globe.

Saxon’s sole objective is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering quality vehicles and services, proactive customer service, and on-time delivery with the flexibility necessary to accommodate changes in specification requirements and quantities ordered. We offer the best value for your vehicle requirements, through our network of suppliers and highly qualified team members that are specialized and well experienced in different departments of the production process. Our proactive customer service team will always be available to keep you informed of the status and any issues encountered with each order.


We are always ready to take a challenge. Our team members will always be ready to take on your order and tailor the vehicle based on your requirement and if required suggest any add-ons to make you as safe as possible. We understand your safety and what it takes to deliver you the ultimate vehicle.

Saxon’s principal manufacturing facility is in Dubai. which manages the sourcing, production, and distribution. We apply meticulous standards and repeatable quality control processes, to ensure that each vehicle ordered meets or exceeds the exact specifications of each customer before delivery.


Our Mission is to save our customers' lives, by producing the most secure vehicle, with the latest Armoring technology without having to compromise the comfort or the performance of the vehicles. 


As a company, our goal is to improve, grow and expand our facilities, to make our Vehicles available around the globe.

Vehicles we have worked with

land rover.png

What we can do to keep your Lives Safe?

Armored Body

We would tailor and fabricate each vehicle with 360-degree ballistic steel including the roof and floor. upon request, we can enhance the armoring level by adding kevlar. 


Armored Glass

We offer top-notch ballistic glass to ensure that passengers are fully protected from gun attacks. We offer glass replacements, from the B1-B7 armoring level for all types of armored vehicles.


Run Flat Tires

Our Semi-rigid run Flat is designed to handle the weight of the vehicle and let you drive the Vehicle in case of loss of pressure or puncture.


Brakes/ Suspension

Our Brake/suspension system will enable the driver to maintain ultimate vehicle control despite the vehicle’s weight and the environment


Bomb Detection system

Saxon Armor can install a dual-functioning system that provides a warning to the passengers should there be a bomb component unknowingly installed in the car. The warning system can send remote signals via the GSM network and warn passengers through text messages.


Fire Extinguishing system

Our fire suppression system is triggered by a push button on the steering column. it is used to put down engine fire and reduce the chances of an engine explosion


Smoke Screen

Our smoke screen technology is always helpful in case of distracting chasers. when you suspect someone is following your vehicle, with just a press of a button you can dispense enough smoke to take the chaser's ability to see and drive.


Night/heat Vision

With our added heat/night vision surround cameras, You will be able to see around the vehicle at any time in any environment. which would help you have full control of your surrounding without leaving your vehicle.


Warranties & Certifications


  • Ballistic Steel

  • Ballistic Glass

  • Run Flat

  • Brake System

  • Suspension 

All Materials such as ballistic steel, glass, composite material are tested and approved by well-known independent laboratories..

Saxon Amor provides warranties on modified parts/ sections based on the supplier's Warranty policy


  • V PAM / VR 7

  • CEN 1063 FB/BR6

  • ISO 9001: 2015


  • V-PAM

  • CEN

  • NIJ


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