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Production Process



During the Disassembly process. first, we strip all the interior parts of the vehicle out and package them for later use. After the interior has been stripped, most of the external parts are stripped as well, almost down to the chassis.

2. Design

During our Designing process our special team of designers work on every angel of the vehicle to make sure that every corner of the vehicle is armored and the every armor plating used are as large as possible. so there is less welding and lower chances of cracking in armor plating.


3. Fabrication Process

After our designing process, the pieces of ballistic steel are laser-cut and bent. our first team of welders, soft welds the Armor plating to the vehicle and then a second team completes the welding process.

4. Glass Installation

once all the Ballistic steel armoring has been completed, our team installs the Ballistic glass and makes sure it is sealed from every angle, to prevent any liquid leakage or allow any air though.


5. Reassembly

All the parts that were initially removed during the disassembly go under a modification, so they can fit perfectly after all the armoring that has been done to the vehicle.

6. Finishing Inspection Process

After all, the armoring process and add-ons have been completed, our team checks and makes sure everything added to the vehicle works perfectly and the vehicle is in perfect driving condition.

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